Pennsylvania DUI Law – Minimum Detectable Limits

Pennsylvania’s Vehicle Code permits the punishment of driving if there is found in the motorist’s blood measurable levels of inactive marijuana metabolites.  Under 75 Pa.C.S. § 1547(c)(4) (relating to chemical testing to determine amount of alcohol or controlled substance), the Department of Health has published annual notice of the minimum levels of Schedule I, non-prescribed Schedule II and non-prescribed Schedule III controlled substances or their metabolites that must be present in a person’s blood for the test results to
be admissible in a prosecution for a violation of 75 Pa.C.S. § I 543(b)(1.l), § 3802(d)(l), (2) or (3) or § 3808(a)(2) (relating to driving while operating privilege is suspended or revoked; driving under influence of alcohol or controlled substance; and illegally operating a motor vehicle not equipped with ignition interlock). See 2012 Notice here.

A primer on the toxicology of Marijuana and its metabolites is provided in Baselt, The Disposition of Toxic Drugs in Man.