Our Mission

Joe Green provides exceptional service and tenacious litigation in any Court anywhere. Our clients expect us to be compassionate and aggressive advocates who will fight tirelessly for the best possible outcome in every case. Our opponents expect that we will be diligent, prepared and formidable. Judges expect that we will know the Rules, that we will prepare effectively, and that we will provide exceptional representation.

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Our Staff

  •     Linda Horn
  •     Alyson Parrish

Forms, Applications, and Links

We have posted various materials regarding the defense of criminal cases, including commonly used forms and applications. We have also begun to post materials on specific legal topics as a service to the profession and the public.

We have also included materials on Chester County DUI consequences and opportunities as a service to potential clients.

We have included primary materials on defending DUI cases, and challenging blood test results. We are making a particular effort to share helpful materials on the margin of error in blood testing procedures used in Pennsylvania prosecutions.