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Dedicated Pennsylvania Homicide Defense Lawyers

Presenting a strong defense against homicide charges

A defendant charged with a homicide faces a lifetime of incarceration, or in some cases, death. You need an attorney who is determined and serious about fighting for you, and who has the experience and knowledge to succeed. Law Offices of Joseph P. Green Jr. defends individuals in the criminal justice system and our attorneys are true advocates for the rights of defendants charged with homicide.

Forensic evidence

A homicide investigation often involves the collection and analysis of extensive scientific evidence. Because jurors tend to put substantial faith in the reliability and conclusiveness of science, forensic evidence is one of the most powerful tools in the courtroom. During our meticulous review of autopsy records, blood splatter and gun powder analyses, firearm tests, DNA reports, and other hard scientific documents, we can often turn the prosecution’s evidence into a persuasive defense tactic. We are skilled at finding mistakes, inconsistencies and gaps when deposing the prosecution’s medical examiners, firearm experts, DNA specialists and fingerprint examiners. We match the state’s experts with highly educated, knowledgeable forensic scientists who dispute the claims against you.

Capital murder

As seasoned capital murder attorneys, we use a variety of pretrial tactics to prevent the state from seeking the death penalty. When the state pursues capital punishment, we plan our defense to prove our client’s innocence while preparing mitigating factors to spare our client’s life. We fight for justice in capital cases at all stages in the judicial process.

Reducing a murder charge

The prosecution must show the element of intent for a first-degree murder conviction. Disproving intent can lower the degree of the charge and minimize the sentence imposed. We care about our clients and work to get them the best outcome possible. In some cases, this may mean requesting a lesser included lower degree homicide charge as an option for the jury.

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